Eagle Canyon Trophy Trout Lakes
One of our rainbow trout Our trophy trout are the biggest, healthiest, hardest-fighting rainbows you'll find anywhere. These fish are raised in the clean, cold spring-fed waters of Mt. Lassen. You will find our rainbows to be incredibly eager to take flies. Our big fish are quality fish. Plenty of five-pound-plus 'bows per day typify the kind of success that distinguishes our fishery; 10-pound-plus 'bows are hooked regularly. If you seek a terrific getaway that has huge rainbows averaging six to eight pounds and many world-class fish in the double-digit category, we are your exclusive choice in California.
Care and Handling of The Trophy Trout
Due to the extreme value of these fish as a natural resource and due to their large size, we ask that you observe the following conditions:
Prior to Fishing:
• Due to the pristine conditions of our spring fed water source and trout, and in an effort to prevent cross contamination of specific fish diseases present in rivers of the West, you will be asked to immerse your float tubes, fins and waders in a non-harmful antiseptic dip prior to fishing. Your host will assist you with this procedure and will only take a few minutes per angler.
While Fishing:
• Barbless hooks only. We recommend size 6 and smaller.
• No rods lighter than a five-weight.
Releasing Your Fish:
• In general, avoid handling the fish any more than is absolutely necessary. Touching the fish can remove the protective mucous which is the fishes defensive mechanism against naturally occurring pathogens.
• No "landing" of fish. In other words, no fish on the banks.
• No netting. Fish that end up in nets spend more time out of the water and are handled more prior to release.
• No fingers in gills.
• Measuring of fish: Please use a buddy and handle the fish as little as possible.
• Hero shots: We encourage this but ask that the fish not be out of the water any longer than ten seconds at a time. Please allow the fish to revive for one minute before pulling it out again.
• Release of fish: Use standard method of release. However, should a fish show excessive signs of stress and does not respond to standard techniques, follow these instructions. Cradle the fish in one arm, cup your other hand and "pump" water across the gills by pulling water from the cupped hand directly to the fishes mouth. This cycle should be repeated every two seconds until the fish responds.

Special Offers:
Lower Sac Combo: Spend a full day with one of our guides on the Lower Sac or Trinity and another day at Eagle Canyon. Must be consecutive days. 4 Anglers: $375pp. 6 Anglers: $350pp. 8 Anglers: $335pp.
Fly Club Special: Book us for a fly club fish-out! Bring 8 people for just $135/person/day!
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Testimonial by Larry Merrill from San Jose, CA:
"A great day at the lakes. Sun, clouds, wind and many huge fish. We caught 16-20 big rainbows from 4 to 9 lbs. A fun, productive trip."
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